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3 Ways to Save Money By Going to a Christian Detox Center

March 14, 2014 - , , - 0 Comments

A Christian detox center gives addicts a place where they can come down from the substances they use and unwind from those substances too. During the detox process, an addict might suffer from nausea, vomiting, mood swings and other side effects that leave their loved ones concerned and worried about them. After the detox process, the addict can enroll in a longer program to help stay clean and sober. Christian treatment centers offer several programs that let you save on the cost of rehab for yourself or a loved one.

Use Outpatient Programs

While many people think of inpatient programs when they think of rehab, attending an outpatient program is one way that you can save money. The addict in your life can check into the center on Friday night, complete the detox program over the weekend and leave on Sunday night. Your addict will have the chance to detox safely before taking part in recovery programs on an outpatient basis.

Ask for Payment Plans

Most rehab centers realize that patients cannot pay for the cost of treatment upfront, which is why those centers offer payment plans. If your insurance won’t cover the cost of treatment, you can’t get the funds from anywhere else and you don’t want to put the cost on a credit card, you can opt for a payment program. Instead of making one large payment upfront, you can make low payments every month. You’ll have the chance to payoff the treatment costs while your loved one is in the center and after he or she comes home.

Choose Trade Facilities

Another option for addicts with limited funds is a trade program. This is a common program offered by faith-based organizations. Those organizations want to help those who do not have the money that other facilities require. Your loved one can do simple tasks and chores around the center to pay for his or her treatment. This might include cooking in the kitchen, doing the dishes, performing light housekeeping tasks or taking out the trash. While not all centers offer this option, some do, including some centers designed for homeless addicts. No matter which option you choose, you can make your loved one’s stay in a treatment center a little more affordable for everyone involved.

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