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5 Things Your Family Doesn’t Tell You When They Know You Need Rehab

February 15, 2016 - , , , , , - 0 Comments

Seeing reality is quite important. This basic statement is especially true when it comes to people who are in need of rehab. In fact, there are five things your family does not tell you when they know you need rehab.

They Hurt To See You Suffer

You may think that life is going good and that you are not affected when you drink. However, the reality is that you are affected when you drink. You may be blind to the fact that you are suffering. Your friends treat you differently than they did in the past. Your performance on the job and in class has significantly suffered because of your ongoing decision to refuse rehab. You indeed are suffering, and your family is hurt as a result of it.

They Are Suffering

Another fact is that your family is suffering as well. They are affected when you decide to drink. They feel hurt when you make a decision that hurts you and them. The suffering that they experience is often silent. The pain they feel is certainly real. They are ready for you to begin rehab.

They Are Willing To Wait for You

Rehab can take time. It can be a process that requires patience, perseverance and tenacity. At the same time, it is important for you to know that your family is willing to wait for you as you go through the process. They understand that it does take time and sacrifice on their part, but you are most certainly worth the wait.

They Know You Must Decide For Yourself

Your family can spend countless hours telling you why you need to enter rehab. However, it is finally and ultimately up to you. You are the one who decides whether you will enter rehab. No one else can make that decision.

They Still Love You

Do not forget that your family loves you. It can be difficult to accept that reality when you may think about what you have done in the past as well as the present time. Yes, you and they have suffered, but they still love you.

Remember that we can help when it is time to enter rehab. Our experienced members on staff can provide you with the answers and assistance that is required. You do not have to wait any longer.

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