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Is It Dangerous to Drink Non Alcoholic Beer While in Recovery?

May 9, 2016 - , , , , - 0 Comments

A recovering alcoholic may want to have some non-alcoholic beer or “near beer” items during and after the recovery period. Several manufacturers offer non-alcoholic drinks for people who want to buy them. The alcoholic person may believe that drinking non-alcoholic beverages poses no risk. The person may even believe that such beers provide some psychological relief. A addiction counselor would most likely advise against the “non-alcoholic” beer because drinking it tends to flirt with temptation.

Tickling the Senses May Be Dangerous

Drinking a non-alcoholic beer that tastes just like an alcoholic beer is like tickling the senses, and it is harmful to a recovering addict. The temptation to indulge in addictive behavior usually starts with the senses. The gambling addict sees flashing casino lights or hears the jingle of winning coins. The tobacco cigarette addict smells a cigarette burning. The alcoholic tastes a non-alcoholic beer. All these things can stimulate cravings. From a caregiver’s standpoint, a recovering alcoholic should not drink faux beer. The recovering alcoholic has to deal with cravings enough during recovery. He does not need help.

The Beverage May Contain a Pinch of Alcohol

Another problem with non-alcoholic beer is that some manufacturers put a small amount of alcohol in it. Therefore, the drink is not really a non-alcoholic drink. Such beverages can send the detoxified alcoholic into a quick tailspin after that person gets a taste of a small amount of alcohol.

The Conclusion

Drinking non-alcoholic beer is more counter-productive than it is beneficial. In fact, there are no benefits in doing such. Each person has the free will to choose his or her actions, but people in recovery should always seek to make intelligent moves. Many rehabilitation centers have programs that help addicted persons find productive replacements for their addictive activities. For example, a rehabilitation facility may offer a painting class or a reading challenge to get addicted persons into the habit of working through cravings with positive actions.

Finding the Right Facility

Our counselors can find a rehabilitation facility in the locale that offers beneficial programs that focus on relapse prevention. You can contact us by telephone and ask for assistance if you or your loved one needs help with drug or alcohol dependence. Your information will always be confidential and secure. We will work diligently to find a facility that is just the right fit for you.

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