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Do Any Men’s Drug Rehab Centers Offer Scholarships?

October 21, 2015 - , , , , - 0 Comments

Payments, insurance coverage, and financial assistance are important subjects for families trying to find drug or alcohol treatment for their loved ones. The costs of treatment can be very demanding, and particularly when one considers inpatient services and medically supervised detoxification. Some programs offer grants and scholarships.

Treatment Grants and Scholarships

Many treatment facilities offer scholarships and grants based on need. Some patients cannot afford the costs of treatment. For those without insurance, the costs of a thirty-day term of treatment can easily exceed a family’s ability to pay. Many treatment facilities set an annual budget for grants and scholarships for treatment. Based on their budgets, programs can use these funds to assist applicants who demonstrate a need for financial assistance. The terms, conditions, and selection criteria vary among providers.

Charitable Organizations Can Help

Charitable organizations sponsor scholarships and grants for drug and alcohol treatment. Financial aid is an excellent way for a charitable group to make an impact in a community. The costs of treatment can block needy families seeking to help an addicted family member or loved one. The criteria and amounts of aid will vary with the charitable group, but for a needy family, the assistance can make the difference in getting the necessary treatment resources. Some charities offer full grants while others will match family and other contributions up to a particular dollar amount. While it may be difficult to find information about a scholarship, the search effort will be worthwhile when discovering available resources.

Low and Zero Cost Options

Many states provide drug treatment though pre-qualified agencies at very low costs to the patient. Often in the form of vouchers, these publicly financed alternatives to private care provide help for needy patients. Some require patients to pay as much as they comfortably can, and these low-cost programs can be the best solution for those with limited resources.

Heath Care Reform

The Affordable Care Act treats mental health conditions as mandatory elements of health insurance sold through state or federal insurance exchanges. The law has expanded insurance coverage of drug and alcohol treatment. The law requires health insurance coverage for assessments and treatments including referrals to specialists. Drug and alcohol addiction coverage was one of the major goals of health care reform, and it includes mental and physical health conditions.

Costs are not Barriers

When an addict makes a decision to seek treatment, it is vital to begin as soon as possible. Call us to get information concerning public resources, private insurance, and the requirements of state and federal health insurance laws and regulations. We have experience working with the leading health insurance providers, state and local assistance programs, and with the leading treatment providers. We can help navigate through the requirements and paperwork needed for a smooth admission process and starting the road to treatment and recovery. Do not delay, get the advice and assistance you need right away. There is no better time to begin; call us today.

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