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Do I Have to Have Insurance for Addiction Treatment?

January 6, 2014 - - 0 Comments

You’ve been struggling on the uphill climb against addiction for too long and you only see one end in sight. You can’t work. You can’t eat or sleep. Your friends and family have all been hurt by you in some way since substance abuse took over your life. You know that you are destroying yourself and you need to get help. There’s only one problem. You don’t have the money for inpatient treatment or an insurance policy since you lost your job. The question keeps circling in your brain. Do I have to have insurance for addiction treatment?

Do I Have to Have Insurance for Addiction Treatment: There are Always Options

While addiction treatment can be extremely costly, there is good news. Thanks to Obamacare, you may qualify for insurance at no cost to you in your time of need. The whole purpose of the Affordable Healthcare Act was to provide insurance for any American citizen who is not insured. However, if you cannot get insurance through Obamacare, you still have alternatives for inpatient rehabilitation. You’ll find that some programs will welcome you without ever charging you for treatment. For example, many Christian addiction treatment facilities are devoted to helping anyone, regardless of their economic situation. Other non-profit organizations may arrange a work study program to defray costs once you are on the road to recover. There is always the option of payment plans as well. State or government facilities may accept you without insurance as well. However, you could be on a long waiting list when time is of the essence.

Don’t Give Up

Help is waiting for you if you know where to look. Don’t ever give up when you have finally reached that crucial turning point. If you are ready to put your addiction behind you, call your family doctor. Ask the local health center, hospitals, and churches. Look online. Recruit good friends and loved ones to help you in your search, reaching out for help. If you are persistent, you can find affordable treatment for addiction. Act now and choose a new direction in your life that will lead you to a brighter future. An inpatient facility will provide you with the tools you need to become sober and embrace sobriety for the rest of your life. Once you find the right program, you can set foot on the road to recovery.

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