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How an Alcohol Treatment Center in Southern California Can Help

May 11, 2014 - , , - 0 Comments

Alcohol is one of the few addictive substances that is legal, socially acceptable and easily obtainable. These factors contribute to fast rising problems with alcohol abuse and addiction at all age levels and in all communities. Due to to the toxic effects of alcohol addiction on the brain and body, treatment is typically necessary in order to reach sobriety, especially for those who have a long history of extensive alcohol abuse.

Types of Treatment

Just like every person is affected differently by alcohol abuse and addiction, different treatment methods work better for different people. In order to help addicts be successful in treatment, most centers utilize a multi-pronged approach that includes various different treatment methods.


Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol are unpleasant and occasionally deadly, with symptoms ranging from anxiety to seizures. Severity of withdrawal depends on how long and to what levels a person has been using alcohol. Many treatment centers offer a medically supervised detox program to allow patients to safely withdrawal from alcohol before entering a treatment program.

Individual Therapy

Behavioral therapy is a common part of most treatment programs. Individual sessions allow one-on-one time with addiction professionals who can help identify causes and potential triggers for alcohol use. These therapy sessions also help addicts learn healthier coping mechanism and the skills necessary to remain sober once out of treatment. Individual therapy may also help identify coexisting medical or psychiatric disorders that may be fueling addictive behavior through self medicating with alcohol.

Group Therapy

Individual therapy is often combined with group therapy sessions with other addicts who are in the treatment program. Group therapy allows those with alcohol problems to share their stories with others, gain support and hear about other people who have struggled through similar problems. Group therapy is also where many alcoholics first encounter 12-step programs to aid in their recovery.


Some treatment programs also use medications as part of the treatment process. The FDA has approved several medications for alcohol addiction to help combat cravings and reduce addictive behaviors, including Antabuse, Naltrexone, Campral and Topamax.

While achieving and maintaining a sober life is not simple, the overall positive impact on your life, and the lives of those around you who love and support you, will more than make up for the hard work necessary to be successful. Start your road today by contacting a local Southern California treatment center in your area.

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