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How a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Is Better Than Doing It On Your Own

January 2, 2014 - - 0 Comments

Statistics have proven that alcohol and drug treatment centers provide the most effective and successful methods for recovery from drugs and alcohol. Many addicts try to recover from their addiction on their own. However, in most cases this is unsuccessful. Self treatment often results in relapse after relapse because the addict is stuck in a cycle that they do not know how to get out of. This creates a downward spiral as feelings of failure and hopelessness becomes more and more apparent. Alcohol and drug treatment facilities can help patients out of this cycle by providing counseling, support, and coping techniques.


One of the biggest reasons trying to quit by one’s self is so difficult is that they have no guidance. Professional drug and alcohol counselors help addicts navigate their way through sobriety. At a treatment center, drug counselors educate patients on drug use and their dangers. They also help patients deal with their thoughts and feelings that provoke using. Drug counselors will lead group sessions in order to make these sessions as productive and educational as possible. They will also mentor each patient and provide encouragement and support in their journey to long-term sobriety.


Getting sober from drugs or alcohol takes a lot of work, and can some time seem like it is too much for the addict. During this rough time in the addict’s life, they need support in order to maintain sobriety. While some are fortunate to get enough support from those around them, not everyone is so lucky. Treatment centers are structured to allow addicts to work on their sobriety together in a group setting. When bonds are formed between the patients, a support system is created. The success rate at achieving long-term sobriety dramatically increases when this support system is in place.

Coping Techniques

Saying that you are going to not have a drink or use drugs may not be enough to actually keep you from doing it. Even the strongest of will can easily retreat to alcohol or drugs when they are confronted with stress and pressure. Drug and alcohol treatment centers arm addicts with the tools they need to stay sober, even through the toughest of times. Only in treatment, can an alcoholic or addict learn ways to cope with stress and deal with boredom and other feelings and situations that would normally lead them to using.

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