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How Long Term Rehab Prevents Relapse On Heroin

January 11, 2016 - , , , , , - 0 Comments

How long term rehab prevents relapse on heroin

Heroin and other opioid drugs make changes to the chemical makeup of the body and brain. These changes persist after the individual ceases use of the drug. Drug treatment for heroin includes medications that help maintain the individual as recovery proceeds; these include naltrexone for withdrawal symptoms and methadone for long-term maintenance. Recovering addicts must learn new behaviors and improve skills at decision-making.

No Set Term for Heroin Abuse

There is no firm rule about the length of treatment needed to combat heroin addiction. The term of treatment is as individual as the addiction itself. Factors that therapists consider when establishing a treatment plan include the length of the addition, the individual tolerance for the drugs, and other behavioral aspects of triggers and stressors.

Long-term Rehab

Successful heroin rehab in residential and outpatient settings must usually go well beyond 90 days. While no set length covers every case, experience has shown that 90 days is not long enough to establish a basis for long-term sobriety. Data shows clearly that the length of the treatment program is a major factor in the success of long-term rehabilitation. This includes the need to restart after relapses. Dropouts are another major negative factor in heroin treatment, and many successful programs find ways to engage participants and keep them connected to their progress.

Call Us, We can Help with Heroin Addiction

Heroin addictions are among the most difficult to manage and find effective treatment. Relapses are common, and the overall rate of recovery is lower than for many other drugs. It is vital to match the needs of the addict with the resources and facilities of the treatment provider. Family and friends are an important part of the long-term solution., Family support is a critical factor in successful rehabilitation. When you or a loved on needs help in finding a path to sobriety from heroin addiction, call us. We can help with the entire process from registration, insurance, and admission. We cover detox and the preferred method of treatments. Call us today; There is no better time than now to begin treatment. Call us; we can help with heroin dependency.

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