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How Many Times Can You Go To Rehab?

April 6, 2016 - , , , , , - 0 Comments

A relapse after alcohol or drug rehabilitation is a common occurrence, and many addicts going through this experience will feel like a failure. However, our counselors have created specialized rehabilitation programs for addicts who have relapsed. You may need to go through another rehabilitation program when you have become immersed in using alcohol or drugs again.

What Type of Care Does a Relapsed Addict Receive?

Depending on the length of time that you have been taking drugs or drinking alcohol, you will need a detoxification program that lasts from three days to a week. After detox you are ready to transition to a residential or outpatient facility. You might decide to enroll in the same program or may prefer trying a different technique with new counselors.

Is Addiction Treatment Private?

Your addiction treatment is private because we follow federal regulations, but our counselors can discuss your treatment with anyone you have listed as personal contacts. The clients in our facilities are encouraged to maintain other residents’ privacy to ensure they are able to overcome a dangerous addiction.

Who Answers Questions about Repeating a Rehabilitation Program?

The best way to learn about repeating a rehabilitation program is by calling our intake counselors for information. You may want to find a program that uses different treatment methods in order to have a better outcome from the process.

How Can a Recovering Addict Pay for a New Rehabilitation Program?

You can check with your insurance provider to determine if a plan includes detoxification and rehabilitation. Our facility accepts co-payments from clients, and we can arrange to accept these after you leave the facility. It is also possible to apply for scholarships to pay for detoxification and rehabilitation.

What Happens When You Leave a Treatment Program?

As a relapsed addict, you know the importance of seeking aftercare treatment. You can enter a sober house for additional therapy or choose to participate in an outpatient treatment plan. It is imperative to seek professional counseling and attend 12-step meetings to prevent another relapse.

We can Help Relapsed Addicts Begin a New Life

Addicts who relapse often feel like failures, but approximately 40 percent of substance abusers will relapse, so you are not alone. The important thing is to begin a new treatment program right away to avoid the dangerous consequences from alcohol or drug abuse.

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