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How San Bernardino Outpatient Rehab Can Help Your DUI Case

December 28, 2015 - , , , , - 0 Comments

The California Department of Health Care Services licenses DUI programs that meet the standards set by the State. Depending on the offense and the blood alcohol level, DUI offenders must complete drug education and treatment to restore driving privileges. State approved San Bernadino outpatient rehab programs provide drug counseling and basic drug and alcohol education. The government bases the program to restore driving privileges on the policy favoring eliminating drug abuse and excessive alcohol usage.

First Offender Programs

The first offense DUI in California is a serious offense under state law. Following a policy that prefers treatment to incarceration, the law requires twelve hours of drug education. The process provides options for group counseling and intensive interviews. The below-listed items describe the First Offender options.

  • A three-month program with thirty hours of counseling
  • The six-month program with 44 hours of counseling
  • A nine-month program that adds sixty hours of counseling

Second Offense Program

The California Department of Health second offender DUI program increases the demands for therapy. The 18 month required program uses 58 hours of counseling consisting of 52 hours of group therapy and six hours of individual interviews. The California Department of Health Care Services licenses qualified treatment providers to carry out rehabilitation services in San Bernadino County.

Multiple Offender Program

For the third and subsequent numbers of offenses, convicted drivers get the maximum level of treatment and counseling. The state requires a 30-month program for repeat offenders; these programs include extensive rehabilitation. In addition to more than 75 hours of counseling, the program requires intensive individual interviews and 300 hours of community service. The premise of the repeat offender program is that the individual may be resistant to treatment. We understand that treatment for drug and alcohol dependency differs for each individual. For example, some individuals have a co-diagnosis factor, these are untreated root causes of addiction.

We Can Help DUI and DWI

DUI for drugs and DWI for Alcohol can transform an offender’s life. Losing driving privileges affect every part of one’s life including job, school, and family. We can help get the right program that will help successfully demonstrate individual reform and compliance with rehab program requirements. The California DUI and DWI programs require an extensive effort. The courses run from 18 months to two and one-half years depending on the offense. The benefits of the investment in time depend on getting the right program resources. Call us; for DUI and DWI rehabilitation, we can help.

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