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How To Create a Perfect Recovery Cycle By Starting at a Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

March 18, 2014 - , , , , - 0 Comments

It doesn’t take very long for a drug addict or alcoholic to realize that recovery from addiction is a long journey and the changes brought on by recovery have to last a lifetime. They also learn that trying to recover on their own is a losing battle. The perfect recovery cycle starts with a reputable drug and alcohol treatment center.

The 12 Steps

The “12-Steps of Recovery” are a valuable tool that treatment centers use to give addicts a road map to the promised land of recovery. The 12-step program is a faith based endeavor that relies heavily on turning to a “higher power” for strength and guidance. In a Christian drug and alcohol treatment center, that higher power is God.

Finding Faith

The life of an addict has been brutal and unforgiving. The addict often loses touch with reality and losses everything of value in their lives including family, friends and faith. In order to regain those most precious things, they must make the lifelong commitment to straighten their lives out and live with purpose. Addicts who enter a Christian treatment center are going to learn that God has forgiven their sins and is ready to stand by them as they continue the recovery process. The addict is given the opportunity to refocus on their faith in order to gain strength for what they are about to endure.

Relearning the Christian Lifestyle

Entering a Christian treatment center is just the first step in the recovery process. The addict will have to learn a new and better way of living in order to succeed. The old life that led to addiction doesn’t work anymore. A Christian treatment center focuses on giving the addict new tools for handling life’s unexpected turmoil. They are reminded that in times of trouble, faith in God will keep them on solid ground and allow them to make better decisions.

The time spent in a Christian drug and alcohol center is a very short time compared to the length of their addiction and the time they will spend repairing the damage. However, the treatment center gives them something they need most, time to rejuvenate their bodies, minds, souls and spiritual relationship with their higher power.

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