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How To Find True Sobriety in Rehab

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While in a rehabilitation facility, you are expected to abstain from using drugs or drinking alcohol. In fact, there is a good chance that counselors will test your urine for mind-altering chemicals on a daily basis. However, the counselors in the facility want you to have a true sobriety that is your choice in order for you to avoid a relapse.

Types of Substance Abuse Treatment

Your substance abuse treatment will begin with a detoxification process that lasts approximately three days. This treatment is to rid your body of chemicals such as alcohol or drugs and is probably the most difficult part of rehabilitation. After a test determines that you are sober, you can enter the rehabilitation phase that lasts 30 to 60 days.

Will the Counselors Talk about Clients to Outsiders?

The counselors at a rehabilitation facility will only discuss your case with the people you have listed as contacts because you might want them to know how you are coping with detoxification or rehabilitation. No one else is told about your stay in the facility to protect your privacy.

Who Answers Questions about Obtaining Sobriety?

If you have questions about becoming sober with a rehabilitation program, then contact an intake counselor for information. One of our counselors can help you find a rehabilitation facility located nearby or out-of-state that meets your needs to obtain sobriety with 12-step meetings.

How will a Recovering Addict Pay for Treatment?

There are a variety of resources available to pay for drug addiction treatment, including insurance provided by employers. Our office staff can provide scholarship applications to help pay for the cost of treatment, and we can arrange monthly payment plans.

Where will a Recovered Addict Go after Completing Rehabilitation?

The road toward sobriety lasts a lifetime, and we advise additional treatment in aftercare facilities such as sober houses. You also need to enroll in an outpatient program to continue attending counseling sessions with a psychologist. You must continue to attend 12-step meetings for the rest of your life to avoid a relapse.

Get Help for an Addiction Today

If you want to begin a life of sobriety, then contact us today to learn more about beginning treatment in a rehabilitation facility. We can answer your questions with a telephone call or email and find the most appropriate place for you to recover from an addiction.

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