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People, Places and Things: Clearing Out Your Phone After Rehab

April 22, 2016 - , , , - 0 Comments

After rehab, many recovering addicts decide to make a clean break with many parts of their past associations. The wish to make staying clean easier and more successful by eliminating some of the paths that led to poor decisions. One great place to start is with sober living.

Changing the way with People

For many recovering addicts, getting new people in their lives is important. Family support is a critical part of the commitment to recovery and these persons can have a high priority in the new, recovering view of people. making new circles of friends is important to the support system. People that fill one’s life with positive influences and purpose are particularly helpful to a recovering addict.

Learning to Decide about Places

For many recovering addicts, a change of location is helpful. When in recovery, they must learn to make better choices about places. Some locations may be triggers or otherwise connected to drug usage. They must learn better choices which can include selecting new places for relaxation, fun, and social activities.

The Challenge of New Things

Recovering addicts can add new things to their lives. For some it may be faith, others may find time to attend school and learn a new business or job skill. The possibilities are as unique as each individual and their situation The key is learning new things.

Handling new and old Situations

Learning is a lifetime process for us all, and for an addict, it is more basic. One mus learn to make new decisions in situations that led to drug use in the past. The commitment to sobriety must be strong enough to withstand past patterns that one formed as an addict. These patterns of thought led to choosing to use drugs.

Call Us

For a recovering addict, the goal is long-term sobriety. The cell phone was likely a key tool for getting drugs and making poor decisions that threatened life, freedom, and well-being. Now, it can be a tool for supporting the commitment to sobriety. When you need help fighting for sobriety, call us. We can help you or a loved one find the resources you need to maintain your commitment. We can help you make the most important progress of your life, staying sober one more day. Call us, we understand the hard choices and changes that must happen. We can help; call us today.

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