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Six Advantages To a Drug Rehab For Men Only

December 21, 2015 - , , , - 0 Comments

Male only rehab offers some remarkable advantages for effective treatment and successful rehabilitation. The below items describe six advantages of male-only drug rehab:

1. Overcoming Expectations

Society places unreasonable expectations on men. It defines manhood as a condition of strength and does not tolerate the idea of men as victims and as people in need of help. Male only treatment groups can eliminate societal expectations and accept the realities of drug dependent men who are strong enough to seek a lifetime of sobriety.

2. Comfort in the Treatment Environment

The treatment environment can affect the willingness of participants to get fully involved, contribute, and gain benefits of treatment and counseling. For some addicts, the male only environment is safer and friendlier and more inclined to produce trust and bonding.

3. Sharing Common Experiences among Men

Men have a shared perspective on many aspects of life that affect addiction, treatment and recovery. This is a powerful tool for teaching and learning.

4. Lessening of Judgement

Male only settings provide an environment with less judgement. Sharing experiences openly such as disappointment and failures is an important part of successful treatment and rehabilitation.

5. Reduces time spent dealing with Gender Issues

Both men and women have gender specific issues when approaching treatment and rehabilitation. A male only group can reduce or avoid the focus of women’s gender-specific issues. The enables a sharper focus on male aspects of treatment such as the ways in which addictions begin and the social pressures involved.

6. Luxury Rehab Uses Men’s Sports Themes

Luxury rehab facilities for men use sports themes to help bridge the social distance between participants. Sports such as basketball, golf, and tennis have successfully helped participants forge bonds that enabled trust and sharing.

We Can Help

When you or a loved one needs treatment to break the cycles of drug or alcohol dependency, we can help. We provide resources the match the needs of the addicted person’s life situation. We understand that treatment and recovery must address the roots and causes and not just the addictive behaviors. We understand that some men will respond better and differently to gender-based treatment, and we provide these options too. Call us today; there is no better time to begin the journey to sobriety.

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