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Should We Participate In Your Family Program at the Rehab Center?

April 20, 2016 - , , , , - 0 Comments

An essential part of overcoming an addiction at one of our rehabilitation centers is repairing family relationships. You may have brought a lot of emotional pain to relatives during your addiction, but our counselors offer help to repair this damage. Not only can you receive counseling to recognize your problems, but also, we can help spouses, siblings, parents and children.

What Type of Care is offered to a Recovering Addict’s Family?

During the earliest days of detoxification and rehabilitation, you must concentrate on overcoming intense cravings for alcohol or drugs. However, as time passes, we recommend involving your family in the recovery process. A family program might include group meetings with other clients’ relatives or private counseling sessions.

Do Counselors Protect a Family’s Privacy?

An important part of overcoming addiction is privacy, and we ask that addicts and relatives not divulge any names to people outside the rehabilitation facility. One of the main reasons that addicts avoid seeking treatment is because they do not want employers or neighbors to know about their substance abuse.

Who can answer our Questions about Family Programs?

If you are interested in rehabilitation at a center that offers a certain type of family program, then request that information from intake counselors. Some rehabilitation centers are ready to have counseling sessions with families who have minor children while other centers focus on helping families that only have adults.

How can We Pay for a Family Program?

Your private or employer-sponsored medical insurance may help pay for family therapy sessions at a rehabilitation center. This means that you or a family is responsible for co-payments for the balance of the charges. It is also possible to apply for scholarships or government grants to help pay for family therapy.

What Happens after Rehabilitation?

Many of our rehabilitation centers continue to provide aftercare for recovering addicts and their relatives. In some cases, this aftercare is a structured counseling session, but it can also include fun get-togethers such as picnics or recreational outings.

We Can Help Repair Damaged Relationships

Your addiction has affected your physical and mental well-being but has also caused problems for family members. In order for an entire family to heal and change old patterns that can lead to substance abuse, it is important for your relatives to become involved in the recovery process.

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