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What To Do Immediately After a Relapse

March 21, 2016 - , , , , , - 0 Comments

Waking up after a night of doing drugs or drinking when you’d sworn it off is one of the worst feelings in the world. Right now, you may be dealing with feelings of guilt, disappointment and even fear. While it is normal to experience a few pangs of regret, it is also important to avoid letting them interfere with you seeking sobriety. As you come to terms with your relapse, here are the steps to take to get back on the right track.

Practice Self Care

After a relapse, you are likely feeling like you’ve been run over physically and emotionally. Start by taking care of your physical needs. Rehydrate with water, rest and then begin working on your emotions. Talk to a loved one that you trust about your struggle, and begin exploring treatment options. Taking care of yourself and initiating a network of support will help you begin to heal.

Seek Treatment

For most people struggling with addiction, treatment is not a one-time program. Yet, it is possible that your first program did not fully meet your needs. Before you make that call for treatment, spend a few minutes thinking about what did and didn’t work the first time. Then, let us know what you think you might need for a successful recovery in the future such as after care treatment so we can help find the best program for your needs.

Plan for the Future

A relapse often means that something went wrong with your recovery strategy. Perhaps you reconnected with the wrong group of friends, or you might have been dealing with too much stress. In treatment, you can work to identify the cause of your relapse so that you can prepare a plan to avoid falling back into old habits in the future.

Picking yourself up and renewing your commitment to a drug and alcohol free lifestyle is important after a relapse. Although you might have fallen off track temporarily, you can still feel proud of your decision to seek the treatment you need to end your addiction once and for all.

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