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What To Do When You Discover Drugs That Belong To Your Son

April 18, 2016 - , , , , , - 0 Comments

One of the worst feelings in the world for a parent is to discover that his or her child is using drugs. It may come as a complete surprise to naive parents. They may have no idea how to handle such a situation. The following are some tips for parents who find drugs in the home that belong to their son:

Confiscate the Drugs Immediately

The first thing that a parent should do upon finding drugs that belong to their son is take the drugs away. The parent also has to make a decision on whether to call law enforcement or discard of the drugs. Contacting the authorities will end up causing your son to have to deal with a possession charge. It is up to the parent to take the appropriate action.

Talk About the Problem

The next step for the parent and the son is to discuss the problem. The parent must question the son to find out where the drugs came from and how long the child has been indulging in the drugs. This will give the parent an idea of whether a serious habit has formed. The parent should also ask about any new friends he has made over the past few months. This is not going to be an easy step because the parent will most likely be furious at the time. The parent should try to remain calm even though the situation is extremely serious. The parent should establish a no-nonsense policy and make it abundantly clear that no drug use will be accepted. He needs to know that bringing drugs into the home can cause him and the parent legal problems.

An intervention may be necessary if the child does not seem to be listening or understanding the consequences or the addiction. An intervention specialist can help the participants to rehearse and perfect the meeting for maximum results.

Offer Assistance Getting Into a Rehab

The next step is trying to get help for your son if it appears that addiction is evident. Specialized agents can help a parent to find just the right rehab center to meet your son’s specific needs. The parents can request a rehab center that fits a specific budget, program style or lifestyle. For example, faith-based or Christian facilities are available for families who share the faith. The agent can search for providers by insurance policy, price, services menu or reviews.

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