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Who can go to a Drug rehab in California

December 14, 2015 - , , - 0 Comments

The state of California adopted a state health insurance exchange and Medicaid expansion through an organization called Covered California. Subscribers to Covered California individual or family health insurance plans can get access to mental health services that include substance abuse, drug, and alcohol treatment. It is one of the ten essential health services required by the Affordable Care Act. Plan subscribers include registered dependents under age 26. These medical services include screenings, detection, and treatment. They also include detection and treatment for other physical and mental health conditions that cause or contribute to addiction. One must also treat these related conditions for successful rehabilitation. Call us when a family member or loved one needs treatment for addiction. To maximize success, service providers must understand and address the needs of the individual; call us, we can help.

Medi-Cal Based Programs

California government provides drug rehabilitation services for those in need through Medi-Cal. The state adopted Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act, and this increased the number of persons eligible for drug rehabilitation services based on need. These services include detection, detoxification and inpatient and outpatient treatment. Eligibility depends on need and legal residence in the state of California. The state conducts investigations to confirm citizenship or naturalization status and to verify identity.

Public and Private Partnerships

Other public and private agencies provide treatment based on need. These include private providers that accept grant and scholarship recipients. The private sector along with public interest groups and charities help drug-dependent persons in need of treatment resources.

Diversion from Criminal Justice

Proposition 36 provides yet another way to be eligible for Drug Rehab in California. This program diverts alcohol or drug dependent persons from the criminal justice system into detoxification and treatment. The program considers The nature of the offense as well as evidence of drug dependence when determining eligibility. The program accepts non-violent offenders and first-time offenders with evidence of drug substance, or alcohol dependence.

Call Us Today

We can help California families when a family member or loved one needs treatment for alcohol or drug dependency. We can shorten the time and effort needed to find the best match in program resources and the best chance for successful rehabilitation. The best chance for success depends on meeting the needs of the addict and the circumstances of the addiction. One size does not fit all in successful drug rehabilitation. When you a family member or a loved one needs help, call us.

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